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Speaker Training & Coaching

Planning a conference or an annual meeting is an incredibly important task, which, if well-executed, has the potential to make a long-term, sustainable impact on each and every person in the audience. Finding the right speaker, or combination of speakers and panelists—along with the right message(s), the most effective format, and a curated audience—are the key ingredients to a successful event. Often, this is only part of a much larger process, especially if you're coordinating with several different individuals and groups to get organized.

By streamlining your needs through the Federation network of specialists and planners, there is no need to work with a litany of sources. More important, it saves time and money which can be used to further advertise and promote the event, to engage another speaker, to put toward your next conference or meeting, or to invest back into your business.

Our conference and meeting consultants facilitate streamlined efficiency through expert insights; from identifying the right speaker and message to securing a venue, from advertising and marketing to design, from branding to on-site curation, from long-term strategy to short-term event turnaround, from third-party contract management to insurance coverage, from event ticketing to day-of event management and beyond. We have access to almost every public figure in the world—even if you don't see a particular person on our website, it doesn't mean we don't work with that individual. In fact, many of the conferences and meetings we help arrange host thinkers and public intellectuals that you won't find on our website.

By engaging Federation as an event manager or producer for your next conference or meeting, you can rest assured that your dollars are being maximized and that you are receiving the absolute best in client care and industry expertise.

Call or email us today to let us know what you're working on and how we can help. It's amazing what a well-executed conference or meeting can yield in terms of long-term results, and we see each event as an opportunity to collectively learn and grow—often in both a personal and professional sense.

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