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Chris Wharton

Health & Wellness Leader; Wellbeing Expert; Happiness Fundamentalist

In the past year, Chris has delivered keynotes to the CEOs and founders of 25 of the world's biggest companies including Google, Dropbox, Microsoft, Walmart and Tesla, as well as over 50 of the world's most renowned actors, musicians, executives and athletes (including Leonardo DiCaprio, Rami Malik, Paul Rudd, and Jeffrey Katzenberg), giving them his take on how we can live longer and happier lives, improve employee engagement and retention, and maximize bottom-line outcomes.

With over 16 years of experience in the wellness industry, Chris has established himself as one of the world's leading health and fitness experts.


Chris has helped thousands of individuals and businesses improve their relationship with exercise and nutrition, with his work being featured in dozens of publications and outlets including Men’s Health, Women's Health, Sky News, BBC, TEDx, The Independent and the Guardian


His philosophy focuses on creating habits and routines that can easily be carved into even the busiest schedules. These wellness fundamentals are simple to teach and apply, but can have a profound impact on his audience’s health and happiness. 


Having sold his UK based gym chain in 2021, Chris has gone on to launch Palm Rock Retreats, a luxury wellness escape based in Southern Spain. Palm Rock focuses on hosting corporate groups and private buy-outs for 4–7-day trips aimed at rejuvenating entrepreneurs, employees and teams, helping them to reset, destress and raise their health baseline.


In his quest to improve global health and happiness Chris has also recently launched, a supplement brand that focuses on helping individuals combat and recover from alcohol dependence, the leading cause of depression and mortality among 19–49 year-olds. ​

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Popular Topics

The Exercise Happiness Paradox

Imagine a ground breaking new medicine, that taken once a day could make you live a longer and happier life.


Not only that, it would dramatically reduce your chances of getting sick from nearly every known disease.


Luckily for all of us this "miracle medicine" already exists, and it’s called exercise. And if it were available as a pill, it would be the most prescribed and most valuable pill on earth. 

So why isn’t everyone taking it? And why, for those of us who are taking it, are we not all feeling happier and healthier than ever?


Chris calls this the "Exercise Happiness Paradox."


In this popular presentation, Chris explains why we all fall foul to the exercise happiness paradox at times, how to avoid falling into the "comparison trap," the real reasons we should be exercising, and four strategies to help us get the most out our exercise regimes, and our lives.

His viral TEDx presentation can be seen here



Encouraging our employees to exercise is not a radical new idea, but how much difference can it actually make to a company's bottom line? Could we be leaving money on the table?


In this talk, Chris outlines his top five strategies to implement in your corporate wellbeing program to help maximize employee engagement, and improve brain function, concentration and energy levels, while reducing stress and absenteeism. 


These timeless strategies provide a huge bang for their buck, and can dramatically improve employee wellness and productivity, and give you a tremendous ROI on your corporate wellness offering.


Tools for Happiness


What would you give to live a longer and happier life? Could some simple changes to our daily routine change our lives in a permanent and profound way?


Over the past 16 years Chris has been helping people find out.


And it's not as hard as you think. There are some simple, proven strategies we can all employ to feel more optimistic, joyful, and experience a greater feeling of wellness, no matter our current circumstances. 


In this customizable presentation, combining decades of research with his own rollercoaster journey, Chris shares his seven key tools for happiness along with a simple daily routine to help carve into even the busiest of schedules.


Can 20 minutes of self-care a day dramatically improve your mental health, reduce stress and significantly improve your happiness?


The answer is YES, and Chris will show you how. 

Bottom Line Basics


  • "Thank you so much for your fantastic presentation. I can’t tell you how appreciative I am for your incredible contribution to making it such a huge success. So many people told me how blown away they were by you and the simplicity of your powerful message!"      Jeffrey Katzenberg, Cofounder of DreamWorks, Former Chairman at Walt Disney, Managing Partner at WNDR Co.

  • "Chris is an incredibly talented speaker; his message was both powerful and timely and captured the attention of everyone in the room. We were all on the edge of our seats throughout. Highly recommended." - Rami Malek, Academy Award Winning Actor

  • “Chris Wharton is a star on stage—his message is insightful and timely, and his delivery is engaging and earnest. He has a remarkable ability to inspire audiences to rethink their routines and take charge of their health and happiness.” - Adam Grant, #1 New York Times bestselling author of THINK AGAIN and one of TED’s most popular speakers

  • "Chris is a fantastic speaker. Engaging, well spoken, powerful and so clever. He made the audience really think about their lives and what matters. He even got me wanting to exercise, and that is a real achievement!! I’d highly recommend Chris." - Ben Winston, Fulwell 73 Productions                                                                                      

  • "The whole conference was amazing. Chris absolutely crushed it."   - Paul Rudd, Actor

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