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Jeff Rosenthal

Cofounder of Summit; Acclaimed Entrepreneur & Innovator; Author

Jeff Rosenthal is the cofounder of Summit, a group of organizations best known for their entrepreneurial community development and hosting global ideas festivals and events.


He is the co-owner, co-designer, and co-developer of Summit Powder Mountain, and Powder Mountain ski resort in Eden, Utah.


Jeff currently serves on the Leadership Council at Conservation International, and on the boards of the Summit Impact Foundation, Beyond Conflict and Street Soccer USA.


Additionally, Jeff is a Founding Partner of Emergent Strategic Partners, a growth services and investment advisory firm, a Founding Partner of the Drawdown Fund, and a term member of the Council on Foreign Relations.


Jeff serves as a Senior Advisor to many for profit and nonprofit organizations, including Inspire Clean Energy, Calm, Scopely, Seed Biosciences, Goodleap, Masterclass, Colossal, One Community Films, Arabella Advisors and Whistleblower Aid.


Jeff was a founding board member of the Summit Institute, the Summit Fellowship, former Senior Advisor to TPG Rise and TPG Growth, and a founding board member of the Anti-Recidivism Coalition.


Jeff and Summit are the recipient of the Tribeca Disruptive Innovator Award, and he is the co-author of Make No Small Plans, which was released to critical acclaim in 2022 by Crown Publishing Group.

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Popular Topics

Setting and Stewarding a Project Toward a Vision: How to Create Exponential Outcomes

“Make No Small Plans.”


Leaders and managers need a big, bold vision that inspires action and collaboration from those who are the best in their field.


In this custom presentation, designed specifically for leaders and managers, Jeff explains how to combine the infinite possibility of our imagination and vision with the practical reality of the refinement of those ideas in a manner that creates successful outcomes through the process of extensive iteration. 

Learn how Jeff Rosenthal has utilized this mindset to build and lead teams, become a masterful manager, and achieve astonishing outcomes in both the for-profit and nonprofit worlds.


"Shoot for the stars, land on the moon."




We often think of relationships as quid-pro-quo. Or when we do favors for people, we often expect those favors to be reciprocated. 


That's a game of trades, or a reciprocity loop, which is the wrong frame for the truly generous, and limits the ‘triangulation of goodwill’ or the returns from those investments of generosity.


In this counterintuitive presentation, Jeff argues that when we view life as a "giving competition," it not only brings the pleasure back to giving without the expectation of a direct return, but creates an ecosystem of goodwill and value to make us all winners of the game.



Radicalism is all about outcomes.


Not messaging, not appearances, and not what feels good in the moment.


A practical radical does whatever is necessary, works with whomever is required, in the language required, and with great patience to achieve the desired outcome.

In this customizable talk, Jeff shares how practicing practical radicalism can help us achieve our desired results by resonating with those in the "out-group," which leads to more impactful outcomes, finding common-ground, and civilizing interaction as a means to build and hone mutual understanding. 


Life is a Giving Competition and We Intend to Win

Practical Radicalism: A System for Change-Making & Innovation


  • Make No Small Plans will be the new cult classic of business books, one every person with a dream needs to read.” - Forbes                                                                                                                    

  • “Summit provides a unique opportunity for thought leaders from all sectors to come together and exchange ideas to innovate and solve pressing global challenges." - Al Gore                                         

  • “There are many different networking events around the world, but Summit Series is unique. A merger of experiential learning, TED-style presentations, art and wellness, Summit Series is a hands-on, cross-disciplinary mastermind developed by the Millennial generation.” - Inc Magazine                                                                       

  • “The whole Summit enterprise is the definition of audacity, and I mean that in the best possible way.” - David Brooks, New York Times                                                                                                            

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