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Daniel Wright

Former COO of 1863 Ventures; Cofounder of GOOD; Economic Impact Expert

In 2016, upon graduating from Georgetown University, Danny co-founded GOOD, a social impact brand that worked to alleviate poverty one neighborhood at a time.


Under Danny’s leadership for five years, GOOD served over 1,500 residents of Washington, DC, focusing on juvenile mentorship, free social services for under-resourced families, free youth-development programming, feeding the homeless, and advanced program development for organizations looking to expand their impact.

After serving at GOOD, Danny became the Chief Operating Officer for 1863 Ventures, where he worked to build and launch national business development programming and capital allocations to Black and Brown founders across the United States.


Danny’s expertise spans across fundraising, financial analysis, strategic planning, operations management, and executive coaching.


Currently, Danny serves as the Founder and President of The Wright Way Enterprises, a strategic management consulting firm that focuses on helping clients build sustainable financial management and operational practices that foster business efficiencies to scale.


As a leader in the new-majority business space, Danny utilizes his expertise to coach alumni, undergraduate, and MBA

students at Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business, helping them to ideate, build, and scale their brands.


Danny’s business touch-points span across the country where he consults various clients and provides industry agnostic executive business coaching.


As a business owner, speaker, and former co-host on PBS’ Chasing the Dream platform, he has been on and off the stage, captivating audiences of diverse sizes and expertise.


His is a story of adversity and challenges, as he was born to teenagers and raised in Washington, D.C. during the height of the crack epidemic.


Being both a scholar and athlete, he moved through the public and private school systems and earned himself multiple opportunities at prestigious universities.


Danny uses his personal and professional lived experiences to cultivate ingenuity in his clients' businesses.

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Popular Topics

Young People & Entrepreneurship: Embracing Failure

Now is the time to chase your dream and do what you love–a job will always be there. People are inspired by entrepreneurs. If you fail, you will have learned a lot and people will respect you.


Take a risk. It may get you somewhere.

This is Danny Wright's message to young people just heading out into the "real world."


We all make mistakes. We all make some poor decisions while young. We all mess up an application, an interview, or test. We all do things that make us feel like it’s the end of the world. People will tell you it’s how you respond, but it's more than simply



In this compelling talk, Danny explains to young people that success lies in the ability to "hack" at fixing the problem. Hack at the things we want to get good at. Hack at changing that thing about ourselves that we want to get better at.


And doing it with integrity, good intentions, and faith will help you accomplish almost any goal.


Society tries to sell us on happiness daily. It dictates what we can or can’t, should or shouldn’t, do to be happy.


By establishing your own non-negotiables, creating your own rules, and determining how you will live and function between the lines of social, political, and corporate boundaries, you will find your freedom and achieve the happiness you seek.

Global Economy Flipped Upside Down: Social Responsibility as the New Currency

In the coming decade, spending power and global opinion will shift into the hands of Gen Z. In fact, it's already happened.


For the first time in modern history, we are beginning to see a social shift in importance from economic prosperity and the bottom line to equity, fairness, and global responsibility.


The corporations that will thrive and attract the best talent will be those that understand this and shift culture to embrace this paradigm change.


Don't get left in the dust. Join Danny Wright as he shares stories and best practices based on his experiences and work with community and global revitalization initiatives to equitable workplace practices from the top down.

Recuiting, Retaining, and Inspiring Gen Z


In 2022, we began to see the great migration. Employees left their jobs at an unprecedented magnitude in search of happiness, more meaningful engagement, and purpose.


Did you know that Gen Z would rather not work at all than work for an employer who doesn't share their values?


In this presentation, Danny Wright teaches audiences how to build a workplace culture that allows employees to thrive and innovate in their duties, creating "stickier," more engaged, more collaborative, and motivated teams.


Learn how to articulate your messages transparently, and how to let your team know how they can be of value by incorporating  transformative initiatives in your job descriptions.


Let your team and potential hires know how their work will help to change the world, meet their needs, and create an ongoing environment of trust and intrapreneurship.

  • "Danny exceeded all of my expectations as the founder and driving force of a significant and impactful community service organization. And as an advisor to the business community about his community, there is no one more skilled, more insightful, or more prepared".      -Frank  Luntz, Political Consultant; Pollster; Author

  • "Danny is truly a delight to work with. His energy is infectious, his leadership is inspiring and his ability to get the best out of those he works with is exceptional. Danny excels at building strong relationships to make great things happen!" -Heather Wathington, CEO of iMentor and former President at Girard College

  • "I have worked with and known Danny Wright for the last four years. Danny's undeniable charisma is quintessential in his ability to foster genuine relationships. He is smart, thoughtful, and ambitious, and I have been incredibly impressed with his ability to build relationships, his nonprofit leadership skills, and fearless fundraising." - Christina Taylor, President and CEO at Taylor Made Experience

  • " One of my favorite traits about Danny is that he is a hacker. He weaves intellect and practical know-how with a vigor that suggests anything is possible. He cares about the community and seeks to have a transformative impact in everything he does." - Lisa Yancey, President at Yancey Consulting

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