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Rainier Mallol

AI, Automation & Digital Transformation Specialist; Leading AI for Good Engineer

Rainier Mallol is an innovative, visionary young leader with a strong record of success in technology areas and creating new business from scratch.

Rainier's passion for epidemiology, public health, and artificial intelligence is only surpassed by his dream for impacting billions of people through the use of data technologies. His work has placed him on a trajectory that could most impact the future of humanity.


He is the Co-Founder of AIME (Artificial Intelligence in Medical Epidemiology), an innovative epidemiology and tech company which has been globally recognized for using artificial intelligence and mathematical algorithms to predict disease outbreaks.

Rainier's analytic mindset and decisive contributions to new public health developments, along with the state-of-the-art technologies he has deployed, have allowed him to enter into a group of select professionals who achieved extraordinary success at a young age.

The United Nations recognized Rainier’s talent, achievements, and leadership and selected him to be part of a class of 17 Young Leaders for the Sustainable Development Goals, citing his courage to find lasting solutions to global challenges.


As a U.N. Youth Ambassador, Rainier has been granted the opportunity to address business and political leaders, participate in global forums, and travel the world, sharing his work and findings while inspiring thousands along the way.

He is convinced that determination is what differentiates successful people from others. His restless, curious personality along with his social responsibility, tech expertise, and business acumen are the key drivers of his success.

• Successfully implemented AIME in multiple countries, impacting 30 million people per year.

• Selected from over 18,000 global nominations to represent young people in the 2030 Agenda at U.N.

• Selected along 4,000 applicants to hold a Graduate Studies Program at NASA, from Singularity University.

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Popular Topics

Commercial & Social Impact of Artificial Intelligence: What is A.I. and How is it Impacting our Lives, Governments and Enterprises?

In this entertaining talk, Rainer aims to simply explain what Artificial Intelligence is (and what it is not) in a simple fashion: "As if I were explaining it to my grandmother."

Following this simple but insightful explanation, Rainier showcases how three specific A.I. technologies are being used by businesses and how the same specific technologies are being used by governments and the social sector.

Audience members will leave with a deeper understanding of what A.I. is, and how it can be applied in their organizations in a positive, easy-to-understand, and impactful manner.





Following his experience working with governments across the world in a variety of capacities, Rainier shares some of the challenges that he has faced working both in developing and developed countries.


Explaining that while technology, A.I. and data are technologies that have the potential to dramatically impact the world, we must first vouch for inter-government coordinations, learn the basics of "ego management" and never lose focus of our goal: positively impacting the lives of our citizens.

In this popular talk, Rainier explains, thanks to three specific soft skills that he utilized to lead teams, how he 1) helped to tackle COVID in Malaysia; 2) assisted in the economic recovery of the Dominican Republic; and 3) created a centralized system of public administration in Santo Domingo.


Using A.I. and Data Analytics to Help Leaders Make the Most Difficult Decisions

Digital Transformation Made Easy: Using Machine Learning, A.I. & Change Management to Develop Efficient and Sustainable Enterprises 

Through different real-life case studies and a people-centric approach, Rainier shares how organizations can achieve more efficient and sustainable practices through the use of easily implementable data and automation tools.

These cases explore improvement in internal operations, HR, and innovation in general. As it is people-centric, Rainier discusses the adaptability challenges that most organizations face when dealing with digital transformation, and how to overcome these issues.


In this customizable presentation, after showcasing cost-benefits, Rainier provides recommendations pertaining to prioritization and technologies to use to implement promptly and effectively.


  • "It's clear Rainier Mallol and AIME have no limits to their ambitions." ―CNN

  • "As one of the members of our Future Index, Rainier uses tech to predict and address deadly disease outbreaks across the world" ―Vanity Fair                                                                                                                                                                          

  • “A Dominican pride, not only because of his intellect but also due to his humility and how he applies both for the better good.” ―Juan Ariel Jimenez, former Minister of Economy of the Dominican Republic                                                                                                                                                               

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