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Elena Brower

Renowned Yoga & Meditation Teacher; Health & Wellness Leader; Bestselling Author

When the way forward feels uncertain, where can we turn for guidance we can trust?


For yoga luminary, meditation teacher and artist Elena Brower, the answers have always been close at hand; in her own journals, impactful books she's previously read, and time-tested practices of meditation and yoga. 


Elena's work in helping her students and clients simplify, streamline and turn to their innate wisdom has generated thousands of new businesses, inspiring creative projects and happy families over the last two decades.

Teacher, artist, bestselling author, and host of the "Practice You" Podcast, Elena has taught yoga and meditation since 1999.


Her first book, Art of Attention, known for its modern look and depth of practice, has been translated into seven languages, inspiring practitioners worldwide.


Her second book, Practice You, a journal comprised of teachings and fields of space for your own understandings, is a bestseller, having sold nearly 150,000 copies.


Her upcoming books include Nurturing You, a new journal with Sounds True, and Softening Time, a potent collection of poetry with Andrews McMeel.

Elena's yoga and meditation classes are on, and her Essential Mentorship is beloved for bringing analog creativity to online coursework.


She's run successful businesses for two decades, learning at every stage. Her spoken word poetry can be heard on Above & Beyond's Flow State albums.


Popular Topics

The Art of Attention

Are you aware that your attention is your most valuable currency and your most important commodity?


In today's world, your attention is for sale, literally, with every click.


In Elena's practical, deeply inspiring, customizable presentation, learn how to shift the way you give attention, pay attention, and offer attention, in order to enhance your efficiency as well as your times of real rest. 


Steeped in ancient practice, scaffolded by modern science, learn the value of carefully-constructed attention for your professional and your personal world. Emerge with a new level of grounded, experiential awareness of how to offer your attention to maximize your ease in all the realms of your life. 


Organizations that function optimally know how to create them with care. Families that get along well practice often to have them well. Difficult conversations are an art form, a teachable skill, increasingly more important in your company and in your home.


In this customizable presentation, learn how to request, structure and experience the conversations you've been avoiding with ease and grace. 


With two decades of experience learning with mentors, running a brick and mortar business then leading a multi-million dollar organization with her  personal touch, Elena brings her warm wisdom along with tools, experiential practices to help you and yours thrive in supportive interactions and relationships. 



When was the last time you re-prioritized not just your calendar or your to-do list but your overall goals? Elena has taught her signature Simplify course to thousands of thankful individuals and organizations, with one end: to simplify your life. 


In this customizable presentation, Elena will choose from the six modules of this course to suit precisely what's most needed at current: Structure. Freedom. Design. Awareness. Fluency. Bravery. 


From a weekly priority sweep to cultivating an architectural mindset, from redefining what freedom means to actively creating your day, from exploring what fluency means to you moment by moment to bringing bravery into your smallest interactions, simplifying becomes an art form and an adventure.


You'll come to understand how complexity is a choice, simplification is a skill you can practice, and the result is clarity in all of your creations, both personally and professionally. 

Difficult Conversations


  • “Elena was my first yoga teacher, and to this day I feel fortunate to have begun on my path of yoga with her. Art of Attention is a book that embodies her teaching and her being: spacious, thoughtful, and beautiful.” ―Eva Mendes, Actor

  • “The beauty, wisdom, and guidance in Art of Attention will not only strengthen your yoga practice, it will lead you to a deeper knowing and acceptance of yourself.” ―Kris Carr, author of the New York Times bestseller Crazy Sexy Diet                                                                                                                                                                         

  • “Every once in a while a book arrives in this world that contains magic so profound it will transform you forever, it will wake you up, turn up the light on your soul, and provide an oasis of healing, rejuvenation, and restoration for you to return to over and over again. Art of Attention is such a book. It will carry you gently into a deep yoga practice, while enlivening your mind, opening your heart, and soothing your soul.” ―Mark Hyman, MD, #1 New York Times bestselling author of The Blood Sugar Solution

  • “We all need reminders to listen to our own truth and the wisdom accumulated by living, being and asking. Practice You is the most perfect gift of self-care I can think of. Thank you, Elena Brower, for this lovely and inspiring book.” ―Christy Turlington Burns, founder and CEO, Every Mother Counts                                                                                                                                                                 

  • Practice You offers a contemplative, creative pathway to tap into your inner wisdom and intuition. This enriching, evocative journal is the perfect antidote for doubt and restlessness―open it to any page and quiet the world to connect with yourself.” ―Arianna Huffington, founder of the Huffington Post, founder and CEO of Thrive Global

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